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Project number: 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000029943
Project period: 02-2022 – 04-2024
Budget: 203 775,00 Euro

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G4T - Green skills for future tourism

In recent times, attention to sustainability is increasingly growing. The Next Generation EU dedicates a significant part of its funds to ecological and green transition. At the same time, the new European Green Deal provides an action plan to make the EU's economy sustainable, in line with SDGs from Agenda 2030. In order to seize these opportunities, it is essential to create flexible and updated education and training opportunities in the sector of green tourism.

The project has a duration of 26 months, and its main target groups are people that obtained a tourism qualification and never entered the job market or lost their job and NEETs.

These are the project objectives:


Developing competencies in the field of green tourism through the creation of 3 international CVET curriculum focused on sustainable hospitality and services, ecological transition, valorisation of territories and communities;


Increasing the quality and relevance of CVET training activities;


Enhancing the exchange and cooperation between CVET providers and companies and organisations active in the field of green tourism at an international level, boosting their ability to operate in transnational cross-border and cross-sectoral synergies;


Deepening the interest and motivation of potential VET learners towards green jobs in the tourism sector and continuous education and training.

The project brings together 6 European partners with experience in the CVET and sustainable tourism fields

  • Lead partner, IFOM Soc. Coop. Sociale, Italy
  • EBA, Portugal
  • Europroodos educational group single member private company, Greece
  • Ecosystem Europe Association, Bulgaria
  • Dolnoslaska Federacja Organizacj Pozarzadowych, Polonia
  • Nida culture and tourism information centre "Agila", Lithuania

With the G4T project, we strive to create trans-European knowledge around green skills acquisition in the tourism sector to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals, accomplishing a change of mindset around the tourist industry.

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