IFOM Soc. Coop. Sociale, Italy | Lead partner

IFOM offers VET opportunities and establishes apprenticeships and traineeships schemes focusing primarily on vocational students, apprentices, and NEETs. It provides specialization courses in digital and entrepreneurial skills to graduated learners in the field of Tourism, Agriculture, Commercial Services, and Surveyors. IFOM organises high-quality and tailored work experiences for its students, students of fellow Italian and European institutions, and NEETs.

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Europroodos educational group single member private company, Greece

Europroodos is a Group of VET Companies, Institutions, and Centres, one of the most significant Vocational Training Institutes in Greece providing post-secondary education. It brings competencies in designing new study material and training in tourism thanks to a 26-year experience as a VET provider in the tourism sector, with opportunities tailored for unemployed, self-employed, and vulnerable people, together with career guidance and consultancy services. It will bring a vast network of companies, social bodies, and public authorities, ensuring excellent visibility and exploitation of results.

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Ecosystem Europe Association, Bulgaria

Ecosystem Europe Association is an environmental NGO active in the most economically disadvantaged region of Bulgaria and a member of the One Planet UN network. Its involvement in G4T results will be precious, as it has great experience in sustainable development education and entrepreneurship, green strategies for business, and environmentally friendly practices in destination management. Their experience with interactive and online methodologies will be shared among the partnership.

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EBA, Portugal

Beira-Aguieira Professional School-EBA is a VET school with professional courses on various topics, including tourism, aimed at the job market and two continuous training courses. G4T activities and results will be beneficial as they will enrich their CVET offer in the sustainable tourism field, upskilling both learners and training staff. As the school participated in Erasmus+ projects for the first time last year, it feels the need to develop its competencies in cooperating transnationally.

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Dolnoslaska Federacja Organizacj Pozarzadowych, Polonia

The Lower Silesian Federation of Non-governmental Organisations (DFOP) unites more than 200 NGOs, many of which will contribute to the development of G4T results drawing from their competencies in tourism promotion and ecological sustainability in business ventures. DFOP is currently the info point of Erasmus+ in the region and will share within the partnership its experience in supporting educational institutions in establishing cooperation on a transnational level and in obtaining funding through the programme.

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Nida culture and tourism information centre "Agila", Lithuania

Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre “Agila” unites culture and tourism, providing tourism services, non-formal education programs, and seminars on insights and trends of the tourism industry targeting business partners. It contributes to initiatives on sustainable tourism, green living, and renewable resources promoted by the Municipality, sharing experience acquired. It contributes significantly to the dissemination of results through its vast network of public and private entities.

As an accredited cultural centre of the highest category and a member of the Association of Lithuanian Cultural Centres it organizes the main professional art events: exhibitions, concerts of classical and contemporary music, and performances in the resort of Neringa.

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